Monday, April 9, 2012

BigBang's Colours~~Aigoo..oh-some! (Part One)

Bigbang have make a comeback with their album titled ALIVE.
for me all of the songs are awesome and makes me cling to them
They are  back with more fun and enticing beat!
but, what draws me even more is their colours and new image..^^

First up is the Charismatic Leader, G-Dragon ( Ji Yong )

This is his new image~long hair to the side dude! loving it!

His Hair on Fantastic Baby MV

Just look at his hair now~ wow! -on Blue MV
The hair and the lips on Fantastic Baby MV~ Unique Indeed!

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white hair extension in Bad Boy MV..^^
The green Hair-aite!
Red hair~

His true self image -yay! the fashion icon
Ya know~ he has his own clothing line (Gmarket)

I just love the changing of colours of this young and talented man.. i guess the colour changes as the MV changes..LOL..but its awesome. When it comes to work all in favour i guess, but isn't it amazing though, how they are working really hard just to fulfil their dreams? i mean really really hard..i love how such man works..Genius! thumbs up!!

Next up is Taeyang (Dong Young Bae)

Well for Taeyang, his changes are more on his hair style. This innocent gentle charismatic man had made changes on his hair from this signature look;

This is his signature look back on 2006
to this one;

So bold and Aggressive with all those body gravities
(heh, refuse to say fake tattoos)

so cute! innocent face aite?

Teydaddy in Blue MV-HipHop street Style
This style here has shoocked me still;
 from being gentleman to a grungy, tribey king - Fantastic Baby MV
Taeyang here with more ink more Hip to the Hop style- Bad Boy MV
Taeyang here is very charming with his smile and all but i admire more on his determination.. 

Once at his little age, he came to YG asking the CEO on admission to train at YG.. CEO Yang told him to go back and wait for the call. Then, after several months (?) of waiting with no response he decided to come back to YG En and ask CEO Yang why he did not receive any call. Taken aback and surprise of the determination, Young Bae was accepted to train in YG Entertainment. The ongoing success of his is the result of such determination at young age! Wow! Go For It! Hwaiting!

Wait for my next Post on Daesung seungri and Handsome guy TOP. 
This guys have much more colours on them in 2012..till then..



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