Monday, March 5, 2012

semalam yang oh-some!

5th of March is the date of my ETR Presentation AND the pre grad dinner mlm nye..
memang la enjoy sakan sebab da lepas beban..
huhu...ETR was OK..unexpected Q&A session but still okey...
Ya Allah tolonglaa dapat markah tinggi untuk CM kali ni...50/50 pun xpe...just tinggal nak buat final dengan the best nye jer..

Pre grad dinner was totally out of this world..y?
1st- my first time of having to make up gile2 pny after so many years of not doing so..(entah just malas)
2nd- i was a calon of tokoh kepimpinan pelajar (which i never get since st.1..aha!)..but its a bummer coz i did not win it..Udin got that award..(but he deserve it..Congrats! :)) )
3rd- it was becoz the dinner is a stress reliever after a day of presentation!..woo hoo(i know what this word means in the sims..its another meaning!)..

so..this is what i wore on the pre grad..
the make up is a little bit over (for me..kalau org lain nak ckp pape..up to you guys.. muka i oke..bru nak have fun conteng don spoil the mood.!)

Izad Kama and Me.

me, yan, and aida

semua puteri kayangan pinky

opps..its the samepic..

eheh! pinjam aiman punye big spectacles(ala retro gituh.)

aiman and me

marlene and me..oh some voice honey!

the lighting makes it better

i tgk yan da mcm model dah

haikal..hmm ahli keluarga bahagia yg bz memanjang

Yay! ahli keluarga bahagia yg xpenoh lgk! mis jaa xder

charlie chaplin-khai and shida..

me and pika.

ini dia gangster xigt dunia..hehe Shahfee

adorable aiman and me..

i lke this pic..siap buat cover @ my fon lgk.

i had my fun..and my part 6 life will end after final nih!
wahh!!! takutnyer...
da nak abes diploma dah..
anyway thanks guys for everything..

xsempat nak tangkap gamba ng kema..manah xde coz aki dye meninggal..Al-Fatihah..
dont wory hachikkos (camtu eh eja?) we have another program to meet up soon..kite tgkp gamba bebyak nnt! muahx!

til then..toodles..

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