Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CHIVALRY: The word people tend to forget. So, please be reminded peeps ;)

This entry is solely based on observation.
Mind my Grammar.
Assalammualaikum WBT kekawan :)!

Hari ini nak cakap pasal CHIVALRY
apakah itu chivalry jama -___-'?
Based on the definition of the world wide web is;

the sum of the ideal qualifications of a  knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.

ok, bukan itu maksud yang aku cari,
well almost, but not that knight part

Chivalry is the act of being polite, having the courtesy, generosity and whatever that include "gentlemanly"

and that definition is based on my interpretation
dalam bahasa melayu itulah dipanggil, budi bahasa dan integriti.

Why do you need to be chivalrous?
well, when you live with the presence of other people as companion, friends, neighbours, and etc
being chivalrous can be a bonus.

it's the way you treat people.
there are a few example of being chivalrous; which im going to deliver it by means of a series of situations

Situation 1
When you are eating lunch, and somebody you know walks by. What would you do?
NO-NO act;
thinking that maybe they had already have their lunch, resume eating.
Chivalrous act;
Politely invite them/him/her to have lunch together eventhough (if) they had already eaten.
At least, you have asked.

Situation 2
While walking down a road, You came across a person who seems to be confused about directions. What would you do?
NO-NO act;
Just pass by, because they didn't ask. Assuming they will eventually found the way. Other people will help.
Chivalrous act;
Offer your help in terms of giving directions because that particular person seems lost. At least, you have offered.

Situation 3
While walking down a road, You came across an unknown person who smile at you. What would you do?
NO-NO act;
Make that i-dont-know-you look and shot a weird glance.
Chivalrous act;
Smile back, a simple smile even if you don't know the person can sometimes makes their day.

Situation 4
Your roomate just got busy, and often came home late. Today is your turn to cook but not sure whether to cook for yourself or for two. You;
NO-NO act;
Just cook for yourself and assume that your roomate will dine out as he/she often came home late.
Chivalrous act;
Call/ text your roomate and asked whether he/she would like to eat at home or not. One simple text is not that expensive. It shows that you care.

These 4 situations may seems simple and idiotic, but being chivalrous shows that you are sensitive to what happens around you. It shows that you care. 
There are, of course a numerous more examples of being polite and chivalrous.
it is simple to practice chivalry, you just have to take into account other people's feelings and thoughts and be SENSITIVE to your surroundings.
Faith in Humanity restored!

Now, What is your definition of being chivalrous?

Made by: JAS
12.10 AM
18th of October 2012.


  1. Haaaa i like u use english! haha
    because sometimes, I can't understand what are u saying... dah tukar bahasa kan, nak buat guane. hehe. Kak Jama'! Kita rasa, u're experiencing the situation yang number 4th kan? You are the one who selalu come back late. wahahahaha. Betol tak betol tak? Ghaaa lapa pulak memalam ni ;]

  2. hehehe..tidak ada kena mengena antara yang hidup dan yang mati..huhuhu sila makan zinger double down..kenyangggg..:)