Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The tales of past whispers

The Tales of Past Whispers

Many eyes were glaring
Shooting glances and questions
Some boast it in silence
Others were exchanging opinions
Whispers and tales
and whole lot of ales

As i take a slow brisk
I could hear them talking
As i shade a common whisk
I can feel them tormenting

As air of silence brisk take the news away
I knew it would end in a despair

As the moon passes the nights
and sun passes the day
As so the waters might
and soon the grass died away
By the by, at the end of the day
The same old news shall be twisted
and earn a new word of dismay

By the folk of sisterhood
They might as change
For as the news is no longer the same
and i shall walk with soaring dignity

Even if the tales of the past good deeds is no longer the same
For explaining oneself is considered shame

When the thought of the folk will be the same
Even if such great stories are to be told
Only lies will get through as the truth is scurried away
By the same eyes that has the glances and lips that whispers

and for eternity shall the news lies buried
underneath layers of skins

within the heart of distressed maiden
So only the heart will abide of the great tale.

by JAS
22nd of January 2013
4.36 pm
Maulid Nabi SAW

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