Monday, December 30, 2013

the untold stories

We all come from various background. We've been brought up with so many ways. Everybody have their own story. Everyday, i remind myself of all the hardships and challenges that i successfully got over. With whatever strength left from each battle, i ask Allah to add a bucket of strength and wisdom to me. But eventhough i got my strength and wisdom, i lost another things. So i might say, u see me as perfect as i can be, but inside i have flaws that i need to mend. My story is not as dramatic as the untold stories of those who suffers from war. But for me, it is enough to shake my world. Allah does not give challenges and hardships that exceeds the endurance capacity of His slave.

So if my words, my reminders, my gestures, and my way of thinking is not suitable for u. I am sorry.

I just want to spread peace. My words might have torn u. Might have been over sarcastic. Might hurt ur feelings. That's what friends are for. To hurt ur feelings and tell u the truth. I rather tell it straight to ur face then talking about it behind ur back. If u remember, those countless times i remind u of your wrongdoings, but u just wouldn't listen. As normal beings, i too get fired up. But i do not tell others about ur mistakes. It is u who exposed it all along. People talk because they saw what u did. They does not hear about it from someone else. The saw it with their own eyes.

Oh about the twitter thingy? Read it carefully. It is about me. Not about u. Nobody notice of the tweets if u aren't the who been showing it around. Now u blame me? U make assumptions now u are mad at me?

Makes me angry to encounter such lowlife as you, gossipers.

Im not secretive but im mysterious. Im not shy but im reticent. Im not chatty but quite conversed. Im not innocent but im truthful. I can be wild and beastly sometimes if u keep on pushing on my buttons. 

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